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Welcome to Littlekings & Co. 

Littlekings & Co was founded in 2021 with full of Mum's love towards her own babies. Our brand is a Premium children's boutique based in New Zealand filled with beautiful products that are designed and made by Mums and Dads in Korea. We do care for your babies skin. All products are carefully designed, 100% Organic Cotton, and KC Safety Certified.

Our brand name, Littlekings & Co which came from Founder's heart and thoughts of choosing the best products for her very precious first child. We are sure all parents must have been through the same moments.

We have a plan to bring more brands over to New Zealand to share with mums and dads in NZ, AU and around the world. Littlekings & Co will be a great addition to your little one's wardrobe and yours as we have some items for mums, too.

The items at Littlekings &Co are products we would personally purchase for our own children and very carefully chosen. We hope you love them as much as we do.


Team of Littlekings & Co ❤